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Wrap It: 5 Ways to Wrap a Handle with Paracord

May 17, 2017



Knives, axes, flashlights, tomahawks, paddles, oars, and swords can all be wrapped with paracord. Anything with a handle can be - coffee mugs, dresser drawers, hammers - anything! The world is your oyster. 


Why would you want to wrap a hand with paracord you ask? Good question. The practicality for survival reasons is the best: 

1) gives you an easy way to carry extra paracord on you

2) gives you a better grip

3) looks cool


There are a ton of ways to wrap a handle with paracord, here are 5 different ways - of varying difficulty - for you. 


#1 Cobra Weave

 The cobra weave is one of the most basic weaves in the paracord community. And for a good reason. It's pretty easy to learn and it's a knot so after each pass, the weave holds itself in place. 








#2 Looping


This one isn't really a weave - it's more of looping the cords around each other. It gives it a unique look that could really be fun to start and stop with different colors. See this tutorial here.
















#3 Twisting

 This twisting grip is a little more decorative than functional, but it will still give you a good grip, spruces up the handle, and will give you a good amount of paracord on whatever handle you wrap.


If you can do the cobra weave (#1 on this list) then you can do this twisting wrap (called the DNA weave). It's done exactly the same except you don't switch what cord is on top. It's an easy wrap that you'll be very happy with. 


Side note: I've made this one into a bracelet with micro cord and it comes out pretty cool too. 



#4 Quick Release Wrap

 Since this wrap is done from a single strand and quick release, it makes it the perfect wrap if you're making one for your survival bag or to take on a camping/hunting trip. 


#5 Turks Head Wrap


For some people, the Turks Head wrap is difficult and some people think it's easy but time-consuming. Whichever you are, one thing is for sure - the Turks Head Handle Wraps look pretty awesome. Paracordist Creations has a series to walk to you through this whole process. It's very detailed and in-depth to make your wrap come out perfect. Check it out here.


Have you made a handle wrap before? Let us know in the comment section below or on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.






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